Do I need Commercial Photography for my business?

So Do you need Commercial Photography? I guess the next question is.... Do I own a business? If the answer is Yes, then at some point of your business, in order for it to look professional, and truly get noticed, you will need Commercial Photography? When you read...

What Is A Brand?

Your Brand Is EVERYTHING!! Nope, not a logo. It’s not your business card. Not even your colours, nor your website. Your BRAND starts with a bunch of adjectives that describe a feeling and vibe. If you can, imagine your brand, or your business as a person. How would...

The Cleanest Kitchen You’ve Ever Seen

The Cleanest Kitchen You’ve Ever Seen

When I started photographing interiors and architecture, I didn’t know what to expect. It was 9 years ago, and a realtor client of mine asked me to photograph a multi million dollar home that needed some extra love. But ultimately top notch imagery to market the heck out of that listing. I gave it a […]

Lifestyle Session with Jenn Pike

Lifestyle Session with Jenn Pike

I first met Jenn 6 years ago. I drove to her home town to photograph a few headshot, and some yoga shots of her in her then space. Fast forward to today, and she has been such a large inspiration, but also a big supporter in my business. So when I sat down to start […]


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