My story goes a little something like this…

I bought a 35mm camera.

It changed my life but I didn’t know it yet. I taught myself how to take photographs. My life became a collection of moments captured and developed and kept in a little shoebox – Photos of friends, family, animals and all kinds of everyday adventures. Then when I moved to the city I developed a whole new interest in architecture. I shot buildings from all kinds of angles and became enchanted with the busy strangers in the city streets.

When my father died I dug out one of the photos from the box. In the picture my father was laughing hysterically. That was exactly who he was. I felt like I was transported right back to that moment in time. I could practically hear him laughing.

That’s when I knew what I wanted to do.

I want to create images that people don’t just see – they experience. To capture the authentic personality of the people and the brands featured in my photographs.

I was asked recently how I feel when I know I’ve captured “the shot”. The shot that epitomizes their brand identity. The one that I know will get them the results they want in order to achieve their business goals. I said I feel like this… and I immediately started doing my “happy dance”. What is it ? Well, It’s almost impossible to translate into words on paper. Hmmmm – picture a smiley seal clapping frantically with elation.


It’s even better in person.

Your brand deserves a happy dance!

Photos of Nat: Shannon Willis


Do you get nervous or awkward when it comes time to get your photo taken? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, tons of people do.

Early on in my career I discovered that if people were comfortable during the photo shoot, their true personalities could shine through and be captured by my happy little camera lens. So, to combat the ugly nerves, I’ve created a relaxing environment where clients feel at ease. I love people. All kinds of people. So I enjoy finding out what makes you feel comfortable. My goal is to make the photography experience not just – not awkward- but maybe even fun.

 Anything for the shot!

“I just full out laid in a puddle. I had to. I had to get the shot so I laid in a puddle.”

-Nat Caron



Getting a photograph taken can be intimidating. That’s why we believe in creating an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting. Ensuring that every client feels at ease. We want clients to relax and be themselves. That way we photograph who they really are.


We do whatever we need to do to capture an authentic moment. A photograph that reflects the true integrity or personality of the person or brand that we are shooting.


We value photography that people can’t help but be drawn to. We style the photograph carefully using the proper lighting, varied camera angels, interesting poses, the perfect set and camera techniques that are guided by experience and intuition.


We want the viewers to have an emotional reaction to the images that we create. We want them to feel as if they know and understand the person or Brand just by seeing the photograph.

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