I first met Jenn 6 years ago. I drove to her home town to photograph a few headshot, and some yoga shots of her in her then space. Fast forward to today, and she has been such a large inspiration, but also a big supporter in my business. So when I sat down to start blogging again, I knew I would need to write about one of our many shoots.

Summer of 2017 we worked together again to complete images for her ongoing projects, website, marketing pieces, and social media. We knew our goal was to show her work/life balance, to portray Jenn’s world at home where she grows her empire  but still has the ability to feed her soul.

Being able to create images in her home, and for that matter, any client’s home, helps tell true stories about what you have to give, and who you really are. And let me tell you: Jenn is a giver. She has great courses, books, and workshops that provide amazing service. But you know what’s really cool about her? Follow her on instagram and watch her stories because every day she is providing advice about health, travel, family, fitness, and food. I’ve learned about probiotics, crossfit, grain free options, how to make my own nut milk, what to give your child when he has a headache… the list goes on and on.

So check out her many social areas including youtube videos, and her website www.jennpike.com to learn more.

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