Barrie Wedding Photographer – The Hyatt Toronto to The Beaches to La Primavera Woodbridge

Every Once in a while, I have the opportunity to break out of my shell. Partly from the challenge of a location I’ve never been to, and partly because of a unique wedding experience. Lev & Diana were married at La Primavera this past June 2012. But hours before we did a fantastic shoot down in The Toronto Beaches area. On the beach, and on Queen street East. They brought along their good friends who were visiting from Israel, and it only added to the excitement. Once the evening started, I quickly realized, these people know how to party!! It was constant dancing from 7 PM and on. Have a peak at some of their photos from their incredible day!
























































































































































































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Interior Design Photography – Commercial Photographer, Barrie Ontario

Yes, I typically photograph people, and I consider myself a people photographer. But the bottom line is that I love photographing in general, and doing so in interesting and beautiful locations just makes it that much better.

Madison Taylor, a local interior designer, touched base with us and asked if we would be able to help out with some new images for her portfolio. Of course we said yes. Her work is amazing, and very unique.

Her new website is currently being worked on, so you’ll need to check that out in a couple months. For now, to get more info from her, here is her current site:

Have a peek at some of her fantastic work.


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Barrie Southshore Centre Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are always have a huge aspect of surprise and uniqueness. Mostly because being in Ontario, we just never know what the day will be like. It could be a blizzard, beautiful brisk sunny day, or quite mild, like it was this past weekend. And all I really wanted was a tiny bit of snow. Well, I got it, for a split second. But I’ll take what I can get.

This past weekend was J & J’s wedding in Barrie Ontario, at the Southshore Centre. First off, this couple rocked! I laughed hysterically for hours, and was truly entertained the entire evening. And this couple knew how to party. They hired the amazing Vicki Potter from Posh Beyond Events to pull it together. Saying that she pulled it together is simplifying it. The Southshore Centre has never looked so incredible. She specializes in decor, flowers, and full wedding planning. With her wedding planning on J & J’s day, she was the glue that held it together. She made sure it was a full out party!! And that the couple had one thing to think about the entire day……. getting married. They had no stresses or worries. Very few couples can say this of their day, and Vicki provides this gift.

Here are some images from the day. Hope you enjoy:

Amazing decor….


Jagger Bombs

Yep, Jagger bombs for all …..

Which leads to singing………..

……. Dancing……….

…… Laughing and dancing together……..

…….. and more singing………


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Family Photographer Barrie Ontario

When a new or existing client calls to book a family session, one of our questions asked is, “where would you like the session to take place?”. Most often, the session takes place here at the Barrie Ontario studio. It’s over 1400 sq. feet, so lots of space for kids to run around, and lots of background options to work with.

But the occasional time our clients would prefer a home setting. It’s really important that there is enough space, ceiling height, and window light for it to work well. But if it does, we are there in a heart beat. And it certainly makes it easier on the parents and kids.

Not to mention when they choose images to put on their walls, we know it will work well, because we are keeping with the same colours and tones of the home during the shoot.

Recently we did a session for B & P, with their son. Their home was ideal, and jumped at the chance to shoot there. And believe it or not, this was photographed in mid December in Barrie Ontario. You might be surprised by this when you see that last 2 photos.

Here are a few shots from the session:

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Barrie, Ontario Baby Photographer

You just can’t help but smile when you see a happy or sleeping baby! There’s complete honesty in a baby’s smile, and utter calmness in a sleeping baby. There’s just nothing better.













































































































































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Family Photographer Barrie Ontario – Kids in the Fall

Every year at this time, I seem to get so excited about all of my family and children’s photo sessions we do here at the studio. I’m just in love with the soft fall lighting, and warm colours all around. I know many of my clients aim to have their family sessions done in October when the colours are beautiful on the trees. But it’s after they fall that the colours are perfect, and it’s my favourite background to shoot against. The way the browns reflect on any skin tone, just look simply magical. Somehow, even Black and white photographs looks warm. LOVE IT!!!

Here are a few of my faves from this weekend.

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Family Photography Barrie } Children Photographer

Most often I photographed families here at the studio, or at an outdoor location. But on occasion we’re asked to go to a clients home. When there are young children involved in the session, sometimes it’s easier on them to be in their own environment. So, we certainly don’t mind setting up on site with some notice.

Yesterday was one of those days. And this family had quite a large home to work with. We did a variation of casual shots, and a bit more dressier type shots. As well, we got shots outside, inside, and lots of combinations of groups. Here are couple shots I loved of the kids on their own towards the end of the session…….. when we were all getting a bit sleepy. 😉

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Maternity Photography Barrie Ontario

Vicki is a local business owner that came to me a year ago to do headshots for her website. She was so easy to work with, and let me be as creative as I wanted to be. So I was really excited when she contacted me in the summer to book a fall belly session. Vicki, her husband, and their dog came in to be part of the morning. We also had Kerry Archer, a wonderful local make up artist, come in to do hair and make up for the shoot.

Here is one of my favourite shots from the session.


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Newborn Baby Photography Barrie Ontario –

This is just a little teaser welcoming the beautiful Mila into the world. She was such a happy calm newborn, and I thought I would share one of the many shots I got of her a few days back.

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Wedding Photographer Barrie & Bond Head – Ryan and Helve’s wedding

The Fall is such a beautiful time of year for weddings. And when I have a beautiful bride, a wonderful groom, an outgoing/fun wedding party, great weather, and wonderful venue, everything just falls into place. Ryan & Helve were married this past September at The Club at Bond Head.

This couple had class, beauty, and just simply loved to laugh together. Hope you enjoy some of the images from the day!

Barrie Wedding Photography








Bond Head Wedding Photography











GTA Wedding Photography


















Modern Wedding photography Barrie










































Fun Groomsmen Photo Barrie











































































Club at Bond Head

















































































Reception Photography Barrie Ontario








































The Club at Bond Head






























































































































































































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