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When a new or existing client calls to book a family session, one of our questions asked is, “where would you like the session to take place?”. Most often, the session takes place here at the Barrie Ontario studio. It’s over 1400 sq. feet, so lots of space for kids to run around, and lots of background options to work with.

But the occasional time our clients would prefer a home setting. It’s really important that there is enough space, ceiling height, and window light for it to work well. But if it does, we are there in a heart beat. And it certainly makes it easier on the parents and kids.

Not to mention when they choose images to put on their walls, we know it will work well, because we are keeping with the same colours and tones of the home during the shoot.

Recently we did a session for B & P, with their son. Their home was ideal, and jumped at the chance to shoot there. And believe it or not, this was photographed in mid December in Barrie Ontario. You might be surprised by this when you see that last 2 photos.

Here are a few shots from the session:

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