I want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I love music and just can't help but dance sometimes. I'm learning to knit. Chocolate is by far the best food on this planet. A great day for me is going for a hike with Brent, and my son Cieran, and having some good laughs.


I love making grown men cry. When an awe-struck husband, father or grandfather blinks back tears while looking at my images of the incredible family he's helped create, my goal has been accomplished. Then I cry, too.

Of course, it's also great making them laugh. Which we do a lot during most sessions, whether it be during a business headshot, a family portrait session, or on your big day. Life's emotional and so am I, so bring it on!

My passion is creating a relaxed space to let personalities shine, so I can capture them with my camera. Inspired as I am by the human aesthetic - in all its forms, ages, colours and textures, it's the animating life spark I seek.

After my dad died, I found an old photo I took of him laughing. It wasn't just a picture, it was a reunion. When I gazed at that face I missed so much, I was transported back in time. For a moment, I was with him again, hearing his laugh and comforted by his nearby warmth.

Emotional? You bet.

My goal is to pay that moment forward, by gifting my clients with the same chance for authentic representation. By creating images that evoke memories jam-packed with meaning.

What an incredible way to make a living.

Nat Caron